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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Palm Sugar Chiffon Cake

It has been quite awhile I have not bake a chiffon cake already.  If you search in the internet for chiffon cakes, there are tons of flavours to choose from.  We usually would chose those flavours we like to enjoy.

I remember the very first time I baked a chiffon cake which is a flopped is the Matcha (Green Tea) flavour and didn't post it up.  And after I have mastered baking this chiffon cake, the flavours so far I have baked are the Orange Poppy Seeds, Passion Fruits, Hazelnut Coffee.  Today I try out this Palm Sugar instead.

Palm Sugar Chiffon Cake 

6 egg yolks
150g palm sugar or gula Melaka
100ml coconut milk  (do not use the thick coconut cream)
4 tbsp vegetable cooking oil (corn oil/canola/sunflower)
140g plain flour
¼ tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt

6 egg whites
40g caster sugar
¼ tsp cream of tartar (I didnt add)


In a small saucepan, melt the palm sugar together with coconut milk over low heat till the sugar dissolves.  Remove and pour into a bowl, leave to cool.  

Sift the plain flour and baking powder together.  Set aside.

In another bowl, lightly beat the egg yolks, then add in the vegetable cooking oil and salt and whisk till all well combined.  Add the palm sugar coconut milk mixture into the yolks/oil mixture.  Mix till all well blended.
With hand whisk, add in the flour and mix till all combined well.  Set aside.

Meanwhile, in another bowl, beat egg whites with medium speed till frothy, add in cream of tartar. Continue to beat until the bubbles become fine soft peak, gradually add in caster sugar and continue to beat until stiff peak.

Gently fold 13 of beaten egg white into egg yolk batter, use cut and fold method until well blended. Then pour the batter back to the rest of the egg white and fold until mixture is well blended.

Bake in pre-heated oven on lower rack150c for 35mins.
Remove from oven, immediately invert cake until completely cooled.

Recipe extracted from Chiffon Cake Is Done by Kevin Chai with changes.

                       Do try to use good quality palm sugar.  How to choose good quality one?
                       Well, when you lightly pinch the palm sugar and the texture breaks off, means
                        it is of good quality.

                             The cake texture is so soft..... like eating cotton cake.  


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  1. Mel, beautiful chiffon cake you have there. I love how the colour turns out! And I'm sure it tastes good too, it has to be because there's gula melaka! Bookmarking!

  2. Mmmmm... i would so love to have a cottony soft slice right now! Did you try removing the cake with your hands? ^^

    1. Aiya......I totally forgotten to try it out to remove with my hands! But....I doubt I can do it. Even when I used the knife also I can feel the bottom really stick to the pan.

  3. Yummy-licious ! Like the color of this beautiful baked chiffon cake !

  4. This chiffon must be very fragrant with palm sugar. Looks so soft and cottony.

  5. I can imagine the fragrant smell of palm sugar coming from your house while you were baking this. I too baked a chiffon cake yesterday but citrus flavor :)

  6. Your cake looks so perfect! I like the fine texture very much, and the flavor is one of my favorite too! I got to try this recipe!

  7. yum yum yum yum yum! i hv so much GM in my kitchen cabinet... i must bake this

  8. I can imagine the nice aroma coming out from your kitchen while you are baking this. mmmm...

  9. Hi Mel,
    Your chiffon cake looks perfect! And palm sugar flavour sounds really nice!
    I have not used my Kevin Chai's book for quite some time!
    You are welcome to link your post with Cook-Your-Books!

  10. My favourite cake is simple chiffon cake. The texture and the taste are just comforting. I can imagine how palm sugar would give the cake a caramel-like taste. Mmm, great with tea.

  11. what a perfect looking chiffon! not to mentioned, the wonderful aroma and flavour of gula melaka too!

  12. Hi Mel, your chiffon cake looks soft abd beautifully baked and thanks for sharing the tips for getting good quality palm sugar.

  13. Love the soft texture of this chiffon cake . YUM ;)

  14. Hi! May I know if there is any gula melaka's brand that's good? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Cherie, Im not very sure if there is a particular good brand but usually those good n pure ones are those individually wrapped with the brown palm leaves itself. And as I have learnt too... those good and pure ones when you press and punch with your fingers, it will crumble/crush off.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Typo error... "pinch with your fingers"