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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Castella Cake

Castella Cake ~ have you bake this cake before?  I have been trying and trying and trying and really, I have even lost count how many times I have tried.  All those failure has really disappoint me.  Was it just because I do not have that special wooden mould?  No, some even have successfully baked it without that wooden mould.  Probably I am really no good at baking this cake and moreover my oven is the "hot tempered" type!  

But this castella cake is too yummy and delicious for me to give up just like that, this is why I have not given up hope until I found this recipe from Kitchen Tigress.  And I have been watching her tutorial video on youtube, and have lost count how many times I have watched it.

Recipe sourced from Kitchen Tigress

85g egg whites
60g castor sugar
60g egg yolks
20g honey
60g bread flour
20g full-fat milk

Cut 5mm thick corrugated cardboard to fit 4 sides of 23 x 15 cm cake pan. Wrap tightly in aluminium foil, shiny side facing out. Line 4 sides of cake pan with cardboard.
Cut parchment paper to fit bottom of 20 x 12 x 5 cm cake pan. Grease lightly with vegetable oil. Place paper in cake pan, oiled side up.
(*  I have used here two square pans measuring of 8” and 7” & slotting in between the two pans with cut aluminium wrapped cardboards )

Preheat oven to 160°C.

Whisk egg whites till bubbles are very small. Gradually add castor sugar whilst still whisking. Continue to whisk till firm (not stiff) peak stage, reducing speed towards the end to remove big air bubbles and prevent overwhisking.

Add yolks to whisked egg white in 4 batches. Whisk on low speed till evenly mixed after each addition.

Add honey. Repeat whisking as before.

Sift half of bread flour into batter. Mix with whisk till almost even. Sift remaining flour. Mix till just even.

Drizzle milk around bowl. Whisk, skimming just top part of batter, till you don't see any milk.

Scrape down and fold with spatula, banging bowl against worktop from time to time, till everything is just evenly mixed. Let batter rest 10 seconds or so midway, then bang bowl against worktop.

Pour batter into lined cake pan, slowly and from about 30 cm high so that air bubbles burst as they flow out of bowl. Tap pan against worktop 3-4 times. Place in bigger cake pan prepared earlier. Bake in bottom of oven till cake is brown and makes a soft squishing sound when pressed lightly, about 35 minutes. (If squishing is loud, cake is still too wet. If there's no sound at all, cake is overbaked and too dry.)

Remove pans from oven. Remove cardboard and outer pan. Drop smaller cake pan from about 30 cm high, 2-3 times. Wait a few moments till top of cake starts to wrinkle slightly. Invert pan onto wooden chopping board. Wait till top of cake is flat and smooth, about 30 seconds. Re-invert pan. Leave on wire rack till cool. Unmould, trim edges, cut and serve.

Cake is best eaten on day it's made, especially if it's cut. If serving the next day, or if cake is overbaked, wrap in plastic whilst still warm and unmoulded, till serving time.

                              My slice cake look a little short and flat but nevertheless I am pleased this time
                              it doesn't shrink and wrinkle up.

Thank you Kitchen Tigress for this wonderful Castella Cake! 

Those of you intend to bake this, you really got to watch her tutorial video at youtube


  1. Woot! Mel Mel is back! I think your cake looks good... After all good things come in small sizes right ;) weird I was thinking about baking a castella these few days but kept putting it off.... Great to see yours up and I hv definitely got this bug from u now

  2. Yay! Your hard work paid off! Looks perfect, mel ^^

  3. Your castella looks good. Have u tried Nami's recipe? It's also very good.

  4. Mel, you won't believe that I just had a long chat with some girlfriends about castellated cake because one of them just came back from Japan. I have the mould leh, but no mood to bake. I bought it like 2 years ago from HK. I must watch the clip that you shared here. Your cake looked great!

  5. Mel, i have failed twice before. Your castella cake looks great. I think I should give this recipes a try. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi Mel, Your cake looks so perfect... nice browning on top and soft texture. Thumbs Up!!

  7. Just now, I just chat with few bloggers friend also about Japan Castella cake too, hehehe..Oh, even without the box, you can bake a lovely Castella, good for you..

  8. So good that you didnt give up and now its a success :)) i still have not mustered up the courage to bake this..sigh. One day, one day :)

  9. Hi Mel, Your Castella cake looks great with nice texture ;)

  10. Mel, I dare not bake this cake! I have seen Kitchen Tigress' video but still I don't have the confidence. Well done. your cake looks good!

  11. Like your perseverance, i tend to be afraid after two failures :) I have tried this once and it didnt turn out tall too. Yours has a very even color and nice texture.

  12. The texture of your cake is beautiful!

  13. Looks fantastic! I haven't made this in a long time, and seeing your cake, i feel like eating it again soon! Love your photos!

  14. Hi Mel,

    You did it! Your cake is brilliant! I have failed baking this many times until I tried Biren's recipe. Hope that you enjoy your taste of success :D


  15. Oh my goodness, this cake looks delicious! I have never tried this before, but you have inspired me to put this on my to-make list :)

  16. I love the texture of this cake and can never get tired of it. Yours look gorgeous!

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  18. Your Castella cake looks nice and scrumptious!
    Thanks for the helpful linking of the Castella cake tutorial video.

  19. hi mel, i hv just came over from phong hong's blog with her 4th attempted cheesecake! you girls are really full of determination. I hv nvr baked a castella cake before, sounds very challenging indeed! but i must say that the texture of the cake looks great!