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Monday, 26 August 2013

Kampar Lor Mai Fan (Savoury Sticky Rice with crunchy peanuts & roast meat)

There are so many recipes that I have bookmarked I wanted to try out but sometimes when I am not in the mood to cook, I have to tell myself it is better not to do it at all.  I wanted to eat this "Lor Mai Fan" so desperately and have been eyeing it since Wendy of Table for 2...or more posted her Lor Mai Fan 3 weeks ago.  

One failure I made is the roasted char siew.....duh.....I made it in a jiffy as I was not prepare to cook this lor mai fan at all that day.  I took out the meat from the fridge and prepare to marinated it.  I didn't marinate it for long and just go ahead to bake it.  Call that impatient and resulted the meat wasn't nice to eat at all.

But nevertheless, the glutinous rice is so yummy and fragrant.  I like it.  Of all the food I have during my childhood time in Kampar, this is the food, Lor Mai Fan that I don't prefer to put the curry sauce in it.  There was a time, many many years ago, I was back to Kampar for a visit, and went to buy the lor mai fan near the market, the seller just go ahead to add the curry sauce to my lor mai fan........oh.....I don't know, I just don't like to eat with the curry sauce in.

Kampar Lor Mai Fan 
Recipe sourced from Wendy of Table for 2....or more 

300g glutinous rice (sticky rice)
1 tbsp dried shrimp, soaked and chopped finely
2 shallots, minced
1 garlic, minced
1 tbsp premium oyster sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp dark caramel sauce (I used ABC Sweet Sauce)
Salt, if needed
Some boiling water


½ cup fried peanuts
Red roasted char siew
Chopped spring onions


Soak the sticky rice for at least 1 hour.  Drain.  Prepare your steaming vessel.

Heat wok/frying pan with 1-2 tbsp oil.  Add in the minced shallots and garlic.  Lightly sauté till light brown, add in the chopped dried shrimp.  Fry till the shallots golden brown and the dried shrimp fragrant.  Add in the rice and the seasonings.  Stir to thoroughly coat.  Keep tossing till the rice a little sticky.  (Taste the rice and add salt if you require).

Dish up to a steaming plate and level it.  Pour in sufficient boiling water to slightly above the surface of the rice.

Steam on high heat for about 20-30 minutes till the rice is cooked.

Let the rice cool and fluff with your chopsticks.

Serve the rice with fried peanuts, sliced char siew and spring onions.
(You can drench the sticky rice with curry sauce, if you like). 

Red Roasted Char Siew 
200g lean pork, cut into 1cm long strips
40gm sugar
20gm light soy sauce
Pinch of salt
½ tbsp rose wine
Few drops of red colouring

Mix everything together and marinate overnight or at least 4 hours.
Place the meat on a baking tray with grease proof paper and bake at 200C until it is cooked.

If you want to cook the curry sauce, please go to Wendy's site.



The fragrant glutinous rice can be just eaten as its own even without the char siew but I like it with the fried peanuts..... just like the crunchy taste with the rice!

I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest  Perak month hosted by


  1. Your lor mai fun looks very delicious! I wish I can have a bowl of it right now!

  2. Oh wow, looks so delicious! very different from the normal type of chicken Luo Mi Fan. Would love to try this version.

  3. Hi Mel,
    Me too been eyeing at this since Wendy posted hers.
    I never tried Kampar version of Lor Mai Fan.

    Yours looks so yummy and inviting. Must try to cook this soon :)

  4. Good morning, girl! I like the last 2 pictures coz I think the LMF looks so perfect in the enamel plate, hehehe! Extra yummy to eat with the crunchy peanuts!

  5. Hi Mel, your lor mai fan looks good! If I eat this, I also won't put curry sauce. I also feel that if no mood, better don't cook because the food that come out also got "no mood". Hah! Hah!

  6. Hi Mel. Lovely this hearty breakfast, warm and homey :) I tried this too but i cheated with ready made charsiew :))

  7. It's almost dinner time.. and I'm so hungry and craving for lor mai fan after seeing this!!! Looks so delish! ^^

  8. I have yet to try this special Kampar LMF before, but I definitely will like to eat this as I love anything cooked with glutinous rice.

  9. Hi Mel. I love one dish meals and this dish certainly whets my appetite. I love glutinous rice cooked with savoury seasonings. The texture and the natural flavour of the rice sure is a treat to look forward to, especially when topped with char siu and served with peanuts.

  10. Wow! Got char siew lon mai fan looks so good!!!

  11. this lmf looks and sounds good, mel! i've never tasted the kampar version with curry sauce, as a fan of curry i think i will like the kampar LMF too!

  12. As age grew.... I prefer mine with lots of spring onions.
    When I was a kid, I scrape them off..sign of age, hahaha