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Monday, 8 October 2012

Steamed Vegetable Dumpling

Few months ago I saw Sonia posted her Steamed Vegetable Dumpling (Chai Kueh) and looking at the picture just make me drool as I always loves this steamed kuih very much and then few days ago, Jessie-Cooking Moments posted her version.  So I got no choice and gear up my hands to make this.  I was unsure whether I can really make this. 

My lunch usually is light lunch, and if I can try to avoid having rice for lunch.  I have this for my lunch today and should have a cup of chinese tea to go with it but.... I am more on English tea person.

I thought I wanted to give it a miss of posting this Steamed Vegetable Dumpling after I have finished steaming it......ooh.....well call myself lazy again of taking out the camera.  

Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling

Recipe source from Jessie-CookingMoments

Makes about 18 Dumplings

Filling Ingredients:
1 Medium Yam Bean@Sengkuang@Jicama (abt 200g), shredded
1 Medium Carrot, shredded
3g Cloud Ears, soaked, rinsed & shredded
1.5 – 2tsp Light Soy Sauce
1tsp Sesame Oil
Dash of White Ground Pepper
1tbsp Cooking Oil
1tbsp Parsley Leaves, chopped

Dumpling Skin Ingredients:
100g Wheat Flour@Tang Mein Flour
60g Tapioca Starch
Pinch of Salt
1tbsp Oil
220g Hot Boiling Water

1. To make the dumpling filling, heat the cooking oil into a frying pan. Add yam bean, carrot &
    cloud ears & stir & cook until soft.  Add light soy sauce, sesame oil & ground pepper to taste. 
    Remove from heat & let to cool down completely.  Stir in parsley leaves.

2. To make the dumpling skin, add wheat flour, tapioca starch & salt into a mixing bowl. Stir to 
    mix well.

3. With dough hook fitted, switch on stand mixer to medium high speed & let the dough hook to 
    mix the flour. Add boiling water into the flour & knead until a dough is formed.

4. Add oil & continue to knead until a smooth & elastic dough is formed, about few minutes. 
    Remove & very quickly, cover with a cling wrap. Let the dough to rest for 5 minutes.  

5. Oil 2 heat-proof plates.

6. Divide & cut the dough into 18 portions.  Roughly roll into balls. Roll out on a slightly floured 
    surface to about 2mm thickness. Use a 9cm cookie cutter to cut a circle.

7. Place some dumpling filling onto the centre of the dumpling skin.  Fold to seal the dumpling.
    Please go over to this site Table for 2 .... or more to view the tutorial picture on 
    how to fold and pleat the dumpling correctly.see how to fold a dumpling correctly.

8. Place the dumpling on an oiled plate. Repeat until all the dough is used. Remember to leave a
    gap between each dumpling.

9.  Steam the dumpling on high heat for 7 minutes. 

    (To remove the dumpling out to your serving plate, you can lightly brush the dumpling
    with some oil for easy removal so it does not stick to your chopstick or utensils).

     Eat is faster than making this!


  1. Mel, I love your chai kueh! You have done it so well. The skin is transparent and shiny. I like eating it with lots and lots of chilli sauce :)

    1. Thank you Phong Hong for your sweet compliments. Still need a little more improvement. Love this lots and will make this again

  2. Oh, your dumplings are transparent, love it! I agree with you 100% about eating them is so much faster than making them, hahaha! I saw a "har gao" recipe(a chinese version) & would like to give it a go but I will use the old recipe to make the skin. As for the folding, faint lah, I just use the way I folded the steamed vegetarian dumplings with a twist, hahaha. Finger cross. Planning to make them within 2 weeks.

    1. Hi Jessie
      Thank you for this recipe. I never believe myself that Ive made this myself but of course I would like to make this again. Yeah me too I need more improvement on the folding and pleating of the dumpling.

  3. this looks so good, mel ^^ hats off to all who have attempted this dumpling ^^ i feel faint just thinking about making the dumpling skin.. ^^|| you really did well! (^^)

    1. Hello Hui
      You always have nice and sweet words say to me. Thank you for your compliments. :-)

  4. 哇!好美的菜粿!(¯﹃¯)口水...

  5. Hi Mel, your chai kueh look excellent. Love the skin texture, look really good. Thanks for the reminder, have not make this long time.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  6. How beautiful! You made the skin too. I have to try that one day... The see through skin looks absolutely beautiful and appetizing!

  7. These are exquisite! I especially like the yam bean and parsley here =)

  8. your chai kueh look beautiful and so nice, well done!