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Friday, 5 October 2012

Apple Crumble Pie

I've wanted to bake this Apple Crumble Pie for the past few months after I have bought a big bag of Granny Smith apples!  But the past few months I don't have the craving for Apple Pie so kept delaying and almost every alternate days my dad keep reminding me the apples going to get wrinkle soon.

So today is Apple Crumble Pie......... or else it is going to be Apple Smoothie instead...hee... hee.. 

I know some of you might not like to add in the cinnamon powder in apple pie, so it is okay to omit that out.

Recipe adapted from Rima of Bisous A Toi with slight changes


190g all purpose flour
40g sugar
¼ tsp salt
120g butter
2-4 tbsp ice water

5 apples, (I used Granny Smith), peeled and slice
25g butter
100g brown sugar
40g raisins
½ tsp cinnamon powder
2 tbsp plain flour

150g all purpose flour
40g sugar
75g butter
¼ tsp salt


1.  To Make Crust
     Combine and mix well the flour, sugar and salt.  Rub in butter till crumbs are formed.
     Add in 1 tbsp ice water at a time until you reach the consistency you are happy with!
     Form dough into a ball, wrap in plastic and chill for at least one hour.

2.  To make the Filling
      Heat up frying pan and melt in the butter and sugar.  Add in apple slices and raisins.
      Stir fry the apples till tender and soft.  Add in the cinnamon powder and flour to
      thicken it.  Dish up and let cool.

3.  Remove dough from fridge and roll it to press into pie mould.  Trim off the edges and
      spoon in the apple filling.

4.  To Make Crumble
      Combine flour, sugar and salt.  Rub in butter until it resembles breadcrumbs.
      Sprinkle the crumble onto the apple filling.

5.  Bake the pie at preheated oven 180Celcius for about 25 – 30 minutes.

 Care for an apple?  ..... to keep the doctor away! 


  1. Mel, you are making me fat just eating with my eyes! Love your apple crumble pie. Where's the ice-cream? I always like apples and cinnamon, the combination gives a very pleasing aroma.

  2. I'm No.2 today!I love cinnamon so don't mind to have a slice of apple pie with lots of ground cinnamon on it! You have made a big pie there!

  3. Hi Mel, your pie look so good and very well baked. I'm with Jessie, I want mine with lots of cinnamon too. LOL

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  4. This post has my mouth watering!

  5. you always put so much effort in your baking/cooking, mel ^^ lazy me would have taken the easy way out and opted for a simple apple crumble without the tart crust and not cooking the apples too ^^|| i really like the fluted square shape of your tart.. it's very pretty ^^

  6. Hi Mel,
    I love apple pie too. Can i have a big piece? I am with Jessie and Amelia, I like mine with lots of cinnamon too..:D
    I like all your bakes, i am following you..^^


  7. Hi Mel, your apple pie looks gorgeous and mouth-watering. What's missing is a scoop or two of vanilla ice-cream to go with it.

  8. i am the same, when i bought green apples planning to make pie, but always end up with just eating the apples rahter than making into pie, pie look so nice and must be very good.

  9. Crumble - that's my next to do list. I love eating it but never made it at home. It's about time. I love your square pie, it's different and unique! This looks really delicious Mel!