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Sunday, 3 March 2013


I like to eat dishes that are spicy and sour, but not too spicy; just moderate to my taste.  Dishes like Tom Yam, assam pedas, oooo, yum!  Previously I do not know a thing about cooking this type of dishes,  as I find cooking this dishes are so troublesome and tedious.  So many ingredients required and you need to grind all those spices and herbs in, and moreover some spices I never heard or seen before. 

But eversince I started food blogging and looking at others cooking these yummy food at home, it has prompted me and 'brave' myself to cook this at home.  Homecooked food always the best ~ you eat with at least less worrisome!

I'm sorry the photos weren't good taken as the day has started raining and already turn dark indoor.  

Recipe sourced from Wendy of Table for 2...or more 

3 whole fish (I used Ikan Kembung)
1 torch ginger bud (half)
4 sprigs daun kesum
2 lemon grass, (4” from the base) smashed
10 lady fingers
2 tomatoes
50gm tamarind paste
700gm water
4 tbsp oil
Salt & sugar to taste

Grind to paste ingredients
12 dried chillies, soaked, cut and deseeded
1 onion
4 cloves garlic
5gm belacan (toasted)
5gm tumeric root
15gm ginger

Mix the tamarind paste and water, stir to mix well.  Set aside.
Heat wok, add in oil and sauté the chilli paste till glossy and oil split.
Put in the lemon grass, torch ginger,  daun kesum,  and tamarind juice.  Bring to a boil.
Put in the lady’s fingers and the fish in.
Let it bring to a boil, lastly add in the tomatoes and lightly give it a stir.
Serve hot with rice.

As long as you have the ingredients or using any fish, I assure you this is still as good, because the spicy sauce simply is so appetizing!

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest  Johor month 


  1. It's true, I have become more adventurous making food ever since I started blogging. This looks great, I have never tried anything like this before, I think I should soon :)

  2. This is definitely one appetizing dish! Yummeh!

  3. oh mel, i cannot tahan already looking at the photos..i'm leaving now! LOL!

  4. Hi Mel! Wendy made this with Stingray few days ago and I was like "Wow"... and now you.. :D

    Yes, home cooked food is the best!

  5. Mel ini banyak bagus! Like what u said, because sambal involves a lot of ingredients and time consuming, I hardly do my own chilli paste, always use store bought one. ..ok ok ...I must learn from u start to be " brave" to do my own paste.

  6. Mel, I will also drink the gravy! This dish will stimulate the appetite and require lots of rice. I am very motivated to cook asam pedas too!

  7. Mel seeing your Assam fish dish, "Low How Sui" here. I wish your dish is right in front of me now. Bravo for making your own chili paste.

  8. Sedapnya Assam Pedas Ikan Kembung ini!!! I agreed that this kind of dishes really leceh (troublesome)to cook because they are so many ingredients needed, but i think it's worth to try, right!?

  9. A bowl of white boiled rice goes very well with this pedas ikan kampong, I want little bit, can?

  10. This is so mouth watering... I am drooling already. Looks easy too, would like to try this recipe for sure.

  11. Looks really really good - nyonya style. My kampung style is simpler, minimal ingredients...but also nice.

  12. Oh i s hungry d, and its not even dinner time.....

  13. Hi Mel. I love fish but fresh ones are not always available. I like dishes like this because they remind me of home. They make me eat too much rice though.

  14. was craving for spicy assam fish too a few days ago but didn't have the right ingredients for it, so i made do with tom yam paste, tamarind juice, chili powder, lady's fingers and pounded onion/garlic/ginger and a piece of salmon.. yours look the perfect assam pedas ^^ must be so so good with rice! *drool*

  15. What a mouthwatering post! I'm drooling & imagining the lovely aroma of this dish! This really makes me hungry! ;)

  16. Hi Mel, your asam pedas look so appetizing, I need extra rice for this dish. LOL

    Best regards.

  17. Wah wah wah!! This dish confirm nice lah! Thank you for participating MFF Johor!

  18. Mel,
    This is my favourite kind of dish too!
    Yum yum!