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Sunday 3 April 2011

Pork Tocino

I've been food blogging quite awhile now and there was a day I came across this recipe Pork Tocino from one of the blogger, and by the look from the picture shown, it does look so much like "Char Siew".  So I quickly bookmark it to try it one day.   Pork Tocino is a recipe favourite from Philippines.  And here it is......

Pork Tocino  (adapted from Table for 2..... or more 

1kg pork shoulder slices
250ml canned pineapple juice
125ml Cola drink
125ml ketchup
80ml light soy sauce
200gm brown sugar
1 Tbsp grated garlic
1 Tbsp salt
1 tsp ground black pepper

1. Marinate everything together.  (you can place it in the ziplock bag or in a bowl shrink wrap it).
2. Place it in the fridge chiller compartment for 48 hours.
2. Pour some oil in a saucepan and put in pork slices. Brown both sides and pour in 1 cup of the
    marinade. Cook on medium heat until the gravy dries up.
3. Dish up and serve with rice.

 It is so delicious.  I believe my cousin Jowyn must have eaten this Pork Tocino dish before judging that Louie is a good cook!  Have you, Jowyn?
My camera wasn't sharp enough to take photos and wish Louie is here to help me.