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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Pulut Inti

It has been raining daily here and with the cooling weather it makes me feel craving for some Malaysian desserts lately 😆.

Today I have made this simple Pulut Inti (Steamed Glutinuous Rice with Grated Coconut Topping). 

(Makes about 7 to 8 pieces)

180gm glutinous rice
125ml thick coconut milk
½ tsp salt
20 pcs blue pea flowers, rinse washed
30ml hot boiling water
1 pandan leaf,  cut into 2" or 3"

Coconut Filling
45gm palm sugar, roughly chop 
½ tbsp brown sugar
30ml water
½ grated coconut flesh
½ cornflour
1 pandan leaf, knotted

Banana leaves, cut into 5"×6", and lightly blanched the leaves to soften it

Add the blue pea flower in a small bowl and pour in the hot boiling water. Let it sit for 15 minutes.  Sieve through a strainer and press the flowers with a spoon to squeeze out more blue colouring. Set aside.

Combine the glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt in your steaming  plate. Mix till well combined.  Scatter the cut pandan leaves on top and steam for 20 minutes. Stir the rice occasionally till the rice is cooked. 

Remove ¼ of the rice and stain with the blue colouring.  Return the blue coloured rice to the steamer and cook another 5 minutes.  (Or you can just sprinkle the blue pea colour on to the rice). Remove from heat. Fluff the rice with a pair of chopsticks and mix the white and blue rice together. Set aside. (If u have extra banana leaves, covered with it).

To cook the filling.
Add the palm sugar, brown sugar, pandan leaf and water in a medium size saucepan. Cook till the sugars melted. (You may want to strain the sugar syrup as there might be some residue from the palm sugar).  Add in the grated coconut and cornflour and stir till all are well combined and thickens up. Dish up and let cool.

To assemble 
Place about 2 tbsp or 50gm of the cooked glutinous rice in the centre of banana leaf and top with one heap tablespoon coconut filling on top .
Fold up the longer sides to the centre to overlap slightly. Tuck in the two ends under the parcel. Place on to your serving plate or tray. 

I'm generous with my coconut filling 😊😜

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Kuih Talam

I'm not very good in making kuih. I always find making kuih muih is very daunting and challenging eventhough by the look of it, what is so difficult to make? Just mix it up the ingredients and send to steaming only mah .. 😅

Sometimes it is the small little things that you need to look into eg. during steaming time either it is needed in low heat or high heat to steam the kuih. Or you need to open the lid every 5 minutes just to adjust down the temperature during steaming... or after the steaming done do not open the cover yet.
So this is those little things you need to be careful and adhere to perfect your kuih 😊

Today I'm sharing with you is Kuih Talam which is one of my favourite kuih. I like it with balance of sweetness and saltiness from the coconut layer.

Recipe reference from Nyonya Flavours


Pandan Layer
80gm rice flour
40gm tapioca flour
30gm green pea flour /or hoen kwe flour
210gm sugar (sweetness is just right)
700ml pandan juice (Ive used 18 leaves)
1 tsp alkaline water

Coconut Milk Layer
500ml thick coconut milk /or coconut cream
40gm rice flour
30gm grean pea flour/or hoen kwe flour
1 tbsp tapioca flour
½ tsp salt


Prepare an 8" square pan. Lightly grease the pan and line a baking paper (with an inch overhanging on two sides for easy to lift up), grease the baking paper again.

Prepare and heat up your steamer.
(Im using a big wok).

Add in all the ingredients for the bottom pandan layer into a saucepan and cook under a low heat; stirring occasionally till it thickens slightly.

Pour the batter into your prepare square greased pan. Spread the batter in an uneven surface (this is to help both layers to stick together).
Steam for 10 - 15 minutes under low medium heat. Open your steamer lid every 5 minutes.

As the pandan layer is steaming, you can start to cook the coconut layer.

Add in all the coconut layer ingredients into a saucepan and cook under the lowest heat stirring occasionally till the batter slightly thickens.

Remove from heat and immediately pour into pandan layer.  Steam for 15 minutes under low medium heat.  Open the steamer lid every 5 minutes.

Cool completely before cutting.

Enjoy .... yum ! 😊

Once thickens, give it a thorough whisk before pouring into the pan.

Will do better next round on my top layer... alot of air bubble holes 😏

Cut into 5 long strips (1.5") 

           This recipe definitely a keeper!

Best eaten in 1 to 2 days. Any leftover, please refrigerate in airtight container.