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Thursday 21 July 2016


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and and is also the most important meal of the day.  My breakfast is usually light and easy; either cereal or a toast.  But if I am in the mood I will make something special too.

Pikelets.  You heard of pikelets?  Or pancakes should be more familiar to you.  Well, the difference between pikelets and pancakes are the pikelets are made smaller in size than pancakes; about 3" to 4" diameter.  Pikelets are more widely known to New Zealand, Australia and Britain.  The ingredients to make the Pikelets and pancakes are similarly the same; only thing is pikelets are more heavy in texture.

I have made Pikelets for breakfast uncountable times  and my niece has even getting good at her hand making this for us all by herself.



150g self raising flour
A small pinch of bicarbonate soda
55g caster sugar (fine or granulated sugar)
1 medium egg, lightly beaten
180g (or 3/4 cup) fresh milk, approximately


Sift the self raising flour, bicarbonate soda and sugar in a medium bowl.  
Using your hand whisk, gradually stir in the egg and milk whisking to mix into a smooth pouring consistency batter.

Lightly oiled a large frying pan and using small to medium heat, drop one tablespoon of batter into the pan; allowing some room for spreading.  When bubbles started to appear on top, flip the pikelet over.  Cook until it is lightly browned on the other side.
Serve warm with butter or your favourite jam or fruits.

I usually love to drizzle honey or maple syrup to my pikelets and with lots of blueberries. 
Well, Pikelets can be served cold at breakfast time or even at afternoon tea.