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Friday 14 September 2012

Ginger Milk Pudding

I like to eat desserts; be it cold or hot, sweet or savoury!  Since I loves to eat desserts so much, you must have thought that I must be a fat lady!  Well, I am not, I am skinny as a bamboo stick!  Hee.... lol...

Some time months ago, I watch a food show on TV and came across this dessert, Ginger Milk Pudding.  It does seem to be easy to make; you don't need gelatine, "agar-agar" powder or jelly powder to makes this pudding set firm.  Funny how it just goes with 3 ingredients in it, ginger juice, milk and sugar and after awhile, the pudding will set by itself like the "Tofu fah".


Ginger Milk Pudding
I half of the recipe from TasteOfHongKong


125ml ( ½ cup) fresh milk
1 tbsp ginger juice
1 tbsp sugar

Wash and peel ginger. 
Grate ginger and juice it by pressing it through a fine strainer until you collect 1 tbsp ginger juice.

Stir well the ginger juice and pour to your serving bowl.  Set aside.

Heat milk with sugar over the lowest flame in pan. Swirl to dissolve sugar. As you feel heat from the milk (or any time earlier if you find it easier), place your kitchen thermometer into the milk. As the temperature reaches 80 degree C, remove from heat. 

Right before the milk is removed from heat, give the ginger juice a good stir first. Then immediately pour milk from about 10cm above to fill no more than 70% of the bowl, or the milk will easily spill out. 

After the milk is added to the ginger juice, DO NOT move or even shake the bowl. Wait for 5 minutes or more, and the milk ginger mixture will be curdled. Serve immediately.

.......... tick tock tick tock............ 

waiting patiently....... and here goes, let me put in the spoon to test....... (I always don't have much confident when things like this, and I don't put much hope for it.... and was prepare to tell myself that I might need to do it again!)

And....psst.....actually I don't have a thermometer to check on the temperature of the milk...I just based on my instinct only.  (When I see the bubbles forming at the side of the pan,  so this is it!).

 So I let little "Pooh Bear" sit on the spoon to check for me........... yeah !!  I did it !!!

If you intend to make this Ginger Milk Pudding, do hop over the Taste Of Hong Kong to get a better info on it.

    This is the type ginger and the graters that I used..........