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Thursday 26 July 2012

Pandan Layer Cake II ...... revisited again !

I was window shopping the other day and passed by a bakery shop.  On the window pane, I could see some deliciously looking varieties of cakes and buns.  Suddenly it caught my eyes, the green layers cake at one corner, oh, the Pandan Layer Cake!  Slurp........ it just makes me crave hungrily.

So the next day, to stop my craving, .... revisited here again my Pandan Layer Cake II.  I used back the same recipe from my  previous Pandan Layer Cake post  and have made some slight amendment too on the reduce coconut milk to 600ml and the pandan juice to 300ml to make it up overall both combination to 900ml together which I feel is just appropriate.

I hope you won't mind of me posting my Pandan Layer Cake II again.

Well, I made a fumble when baking the sponge cake in the oven where the tray was slot in slanting and disappointing turn out just 2 layers only!   I just go ahead to use the cake.

       Though it is not sky high in 3 layers, who cares, it is still delicious to indulge in!