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Sunday 21 October 2012

Chocolate Checkerboard Cake

It is my dad's birthday today and I have baked him a Chocolate Checkerboard Cake!  

I hope this cake is not too much for him having with loads of eggs, butter, as well as having chocolate for topping.

Being a first timer baking this checkerboard, I can say is not too bad ..... eventhough it is not really that perfect, not well trim off the edges,  not well smoothen on the sides with buttercream,  but at least I have made a birthday cake for dad.

Well about the recipe for this cake, I am a little lazy typing out the recipe ingredients and method but do hop over to Masam Manis and her tutorial photos on how to cut out the rings and assemble the cake.  Her cake is so neat and perfect.

But if anyone wants to know more on the recipe, let me know and I shall try to translate it out to English and type it out for you..... but now I need a rest after doing this cake ....LOL... 

When cutting out the rings from the layer cake, really need your delicate hand to take it out (with cautious tender care than handling a baby), or else the ring will break.  But no worries, you can always patch it up with the buttercream and no one will know it was broken half way the ring.

The steps to bake this cake are .........

1)  Make & bake the plain sponge
2)  Make & bake the chocolate sponge

3)  Make buttercream
4)  Cut the cakes into layers, and from layers cut to 3 rings
5)  Start assemble the cake, spread buttercream
6And finally...make chocolate topping..... and pour over to cake
7)  Decorate cake

Phew!  Was that easy?  Hee.....hee......

My dad said it is delicious and I was relieved........

Will I make this cake again?  Of course....mmm....maybe....  if I feel or have the mood again but I would like to try another method of making the sponge cake and the buttercream next time.