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Thursday 23 June 2011

"A Guilty Snack"

Have you ever eaten something and later feeling very guilty about it?  Well, I did, and many times too.  Some guilty pleasure I called! When you talked about eaten guilty food, it definitely be meaning talking about food that is unhealthy, fattening, oily, deep fried, etc. etc.

Here I have made an easy light snack, yet I still feel it is a guilty pleasure snack!  I called it Chocolate Rice Toast.  This is the first time I made it and really, it does taste very yummy!

1.  Spread butter all over on two pieces of bread.

2.  Sprinkle chocolate rice all over on both  pieces of the butter spread bread.  If you are a chocolate lover,
      you can put more to your desire.

3.  Once you have sprinkle the chocolate rice all over both the breads, fold it up together.  Spread butter
     again on that two pieces of bread top and bottom.

4.  Pour a small teaspoon of vegetable oil on a flat frying pan, and put in the two pieces folded bread in.  Pan
     fry on both sides till golden brown and crisp on the edges.

5.  Golden brown and crisp on the edges..... look at that.

6.  And here it is, guilty pleasure of Chocolate Rice Toast.  Really very yummy and delicious, with a glass of
     cold milk to go with it.

So what do you think?  You can make this as for Breakfast too.