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Friday 5 September 2014

Orange Peach Jelly

I happened to come across one Facebook member posting her beautiful Orange Peach jelly the other day and she used the "Ingots" mould to make this and it just captivated me how lovely those ingots jellies are.  

The "Ingots" ( 元宝) as for the Chinese regarded as a very auspicious symbols of wealth and good fortune.  Usually the Feng Shui master will advise to place the ingots in the wealth area of your home to attract and to bring abundance and financial success to you.

And as Mooncake Festival is just around the corner, why not make this Ingots jelly to welcome your guests.

Orange Peach Jelly 

1 pack (10g) agar agar powder
150ml water
200ml peach syrup
550ml fresh orange juice
100g sugar (adjust accordingly; based on the sweetness of your orange juice)
2-3 slices peach, cut small to fine 

Pour the water, sugar syrup, sugar, agar agar and sugar to a medium size saucepan and bring to boil till the sugar dissolves stirring it constantly.  Remove from heat.  Add in the finely chopped peach in.  Pour into mould.

Chill in the refrigerator at least 2 hours till set.