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Monday 1 September 2014

Pandan Jelly Mooncake

Next week is already Mid Autumn Festival.  I been seeing lots and lots of mooncakes posting on the blog, various flavours coming up this year too.  I guess the latest trend is the chocolate flavour. 

Well, on the festival day itself too much mooncakes can get you satiated and why not make something else....... Jelly or agar agar mooncake.  

I really love this Jelly Mooncakes when Esther of CopyCake Kitchen posted hers!  And even the jelly mooncake have filling too; using grass jelly (cincau). 

Recipe sourced from Esther of Copycake Kitchen

300g water
400g pandan juice  (blend 4-5 pieces of pandan leaves in 400g+ water)
100g coconut milk
Few drops of pandan essence (I didn't add this)
3 pandan leave (tie into a knot)
120g sugar
8g Agar agar

Honey grass jelly, ready made (cut into small square size; smaller than your mooncake mould)

In a medium pot, pour in the water, pandan juice, essence, coconut milk and pandan leaves and bring to simmer boil.
Add in sugar, stirring until all the sugar is dissolved. Add in agar agar keep stirring.  Once start to bubbles, turn off heat. Sift the agar agar mixture.
Pour some agar agar mixture into jelly mould. Put it in your freezer to set for 1-2 mins. Add in grass jelly, pour again agar agar mixture until full.
Let it chill and set in the fridge.

                                           A refreshing dessert and the kids will love it!!!