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Sunday 19 June 2011

Homemade Soya Bean Milk

Soya Bean milk is a nutritious drink but buying for a glass outside cost about $1.00 plus.  So why buy that much of price when you can make a whole pot of it for a packet of organic soya bean that cost a little extra more!!  And the whole family members can enjoy this nutritious drink.

Ingredients serves for 2 glasses :
100g soybeans, rinsed and soaked overnight
25g sugar or to your taste of sweetness
800ml water
1 screwpine leave, washed and tied into a knot

1.  Discard the soaking water and blend soya beans in an electric food blender with a little water. 
2.  Mix with the rest of the water. 
3.  Strain mixture through the muslin cloth. 
4.  Boil the soyabean milk and the screwpine leaves for 10 to 15 min over low heat.  Once boil, add sugar.
5.  Serve warm or cold.

Organic Soya Beans.  The beans are slightly smaller than the normal soya beans.