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Saturday 23 May 2015

Someone's trash is someone else's treasure

Hi everyone!

I couldn't believe it ..... May is about to come to an end and this is my first post of 2015!  I know I have been missing in action and have not been updating my blog.  Well, I'm on long holiday right now.  If you do wonder whether have I been cooking while I'm on holiday, I do. Most of the posting is posted at my sister's blog, My Happy Apron.  Please feel free to hop over there.

Whenever I'm back here in Auckland, there are few places I love to go.  And 2nd hand stores are one of my favourites place to go.

The 2nd stores here are those people donated out their unwanted items stuff like old clothing, bedsheets, books, kitchen & cooking wares, electrical items and etc etc.  And they will sort out these things to sell it out with very affordable and economical price.   The collections will to go the charity needs.

The other day I help out my sister to clear up her unwanted items (loadful of toys, books and clothings) to donate out to this Eastgate 2nd Hand shop.

Rattan basket and wood bowls and trays available here.

Pots & pans 

Every time I come here, I usually will look at this rack whether I can still find more of this rustic type brass fork & spoon.   Other than crazily looking for enamelwares, brass forks & spoons are my kind of thing now!

Am I crazy to buy these brass forks & spoons?  Well anyway, it is just $1 each and I think it is cheap as you won't be able to get this brass type utensils nowadays.   After giving a good scrups, it looks so shiny; its a gem to me now.  

If you're lucky enough, you can get nice looking saucers and plates.


That blue saucer plate cost $2.00 each. It was those Churchill England type of plates.  

Bedsheets, linen, table cloths.........

Women & Men Clothings

Furnitures too ..... and they do delivery with a minimum cost of NZ$25.00 per trip.

My sister couldn't resist these items today. That beautiful bowl only cost $0.70 whereas the plate is just $0.20!