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Thursday 27 September 2012

Rainbow Lapis Legit

Whenever I wanted to bake any cake that I have never baked before, I always start off reading the recipe carefully to avoid blunder later and sometimes after reading numerous times, it end up failure upon completion of my baked.  Well, even in baking, true to the facts that "practice makes perfect".

When Rima of Bisous A Toi posted this Lapis Legit Rainbow, I was so full of admire with the layers as well as the rainbow colours of the Kek Lapis!  I believe you will too!  I have never bake a kek lapis before because I was so 'scare' of the layers by layers that you need to attend to it.  And Rima has made me brave myself to go ahead to bake this for my first time as well as using such vibrant colours in my bakes.

Rainbow Lapis Legit
Recipe adapted from Rima


700g eggs (about 12 eggs)
450g sugar (I add in only 420g)
18g emulsifier
½ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp milk paste (I don’t have this, so I put another ½tsp vanilla extract)

325g cake flour

400g margarine
300g butter

½tsp spekkeok powder
Prunes (I didn’t add in)
Colouring : purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red


Grease and line the bottom of pan only.

Whisk butter till creamy, and set aside.

Whisk ingredients (A) till fluffy.

Add ingredients (B) in and beat again till well blended.

Add ingredients ©, and beat till combined and blended.

Weigh batter, divide into 13 portions (number of layers).

Part 1 : (7 layers) – add spekkoek powder in.
Part 2 : (6 layers) – add the colors.

Once ready, pour about 156g spekkoek batter to baking pan (1st layer).  Bake it for 10 minutes, then change it to grill mode.

Pour in the 2nd layer (purple color).
This is how the layers should be :  plain, purple, plain, blue, plain, green, plain, yellow, plain, orange, plain, red, plain.

Add the prunes (if you are adding it) to last layer and bake it using grill mode for 5 minutes before changing to bottom heat for 5 minutes.

If you have baked kek lapis before, I believe you know how tasty and delicious a "Kek Lapis" (Layers Cake) is.   This is why to buy Kek Lapis is very costly. 

I nearly couldn't make it to the last layer, because my 8" pan is not deep enough.... Sigh....if I were to bake this again, looks like I have to get another baking pan..... my pantry no more space to put.......

See the top layer..... so thin layer.... 

Ooh.....I am so tired now........  only 13 layers I am calling tired.....Imagine to those who bake for 20 over layers!!

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