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Thursday 28 November 2013

Coffee Sponge Cupcakes

I'm so addicted with sponge cake lately because of the cottony soft texture.  As I still have some balance of meringue buttercream from my last Sponge Cake With Kumquat Jam Topping, so I thought I quickly whipped out something to go along with this buttercream.

Coffee Sponge Cupcakes
Recipe sourced from Shirley @kokken with slight changes
makes for 8 cupcakes

3 Egg Whites  (from 3 large eggs weighing 60g with shell)
60g Sugar
3 Egg Yolks  (from 3 large eggs weighing 60g with shell)
¼ tsp Vanilla extract
1 tsp Coffee extract (I used coffee oil)
65gPlain flour
30g Vegetable Oil  (I used canola oil)
30g Milk

Butter Cream
75g Egg white
60g Castor sugar
225g Unsalted butter
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1tsp Mocha/ coffee paste

Whip the egg whites until foamy then add sugar in 3 additions and whip until egg white forms soft peaks form.

Add egg yolks one at a time, mixing well before adding more egg yolks.
Add in vanilla and coffee extract and mix until combined.
Add in plain flour and fold to mix well with a spatula.
Add oil and mix well with spatula. Repeat the same with milk – taking care not to over deflate the foam.

Spoon batter into a lined muffin mold. (filled to ¾ of the cupcake mold)
In an oven preheated to 170C, bake the cupcakes for 25mins.
Set aside to cool completely.

Swiss Meringue Butter Cream
Place egg whites, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl. Whisk egg whites over a water bath until sugar and salt completely dissolves.

Remove from heat and continue whisking the egg whites using a stand mixer.
Whisk at low speed and gradually increase speed. Whisk the egg whites until glossy and firm peaks are formed. (The meringue should cool down by then)

Lower mixing speed and add butter in spoonfuls until well mixed. Add in vanilla extract and coffee paste.

Change balloon whisk to paddle and continue mixing for another 10mins at low speed until smooth and fluffy.

Decorate cupcakes by frosting with butter cream using a open star piping tip.

                      As I add Coffee Oil instead of coffee extract, the sponge colour is darker
                       as the coffee taste ...........awesomely delicious!!!

 Even if you don't intend to make the buttercream, eating it plain is as good too.
Well for me, I PREFER to eat it plain!