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Friday 2 July 2021


Pulut Tekan or Pulut Tai Tai is a popular Nyonya dessert kuih. 

Pulut tekan literally translated as pressed glutinous rice. 


300gm glutinous rice
200ml thick coconut milk
100ml water
½ tsp salt
3 pandan leaves (cut into 3" long)
50 - 60pcs blue pea flowers or bunga telang

Boil about 300ml water and add in the blue pea flowers. Let it turn into a nice vibrant blue colour and let cool.

Wash clean the glutinuous rice and divide into two portions. Soak one portion rice in plain water and the other portion, sieve out the flowers and pour the blue water in.  Soak the rice at least 4 hours. 

Prepare your steamer or wok.

After 4 hours, drain dry the glutinuous rice. Pour into 2 separate steaming plates (you may just pour into one plate; half white half blue in a steaming plate).   Put the pandan leaves on top.

Mix the thick coconut milk, water and salt together.  Stir till combine.  Pour into the glutinous rice (divided into equal portion if you are steaming separately the white and blue stained rice).  Steam for 30 minutes in medium heat.

Once done, remove and fluff the rice.  Add the glutinous rice into your pan or mould with banana leaves at the bottom pan (if you have,  else you can used greased proof paper).
Press the glutinous rice with a  "penekan kek lapis" or cake press.

Slice the glutinous rice to your desire size and serve with a dollop or spread kaya on top


Love to look at the beautiful stained blue rice 😊