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Friday 15 July 2011

Serradura Dessert (Sawdust Pudding)

Serradura literally in Portuguese means "sawdust".  The sawdust meant in this dessert is all that from the crushed Marie biscuit and the condensed milk added in made this dessert more creamier in taste.  As this dessert is easy and simple to make; and since I have some left over whipping cream I better make use of it or else it will have to go down to the waste disposal.

250ml Whipping cream
100g Marie biscuits
50g Condensed milk (or to your sweetness taste)
1 tsp Vanilla essence

1. Crush Marie biscuits finely either by using a food processor or put in a ziploc bag with rolling pin method.
2. Whip whipping cream to soft peaks. Add vanilla essence and condensed milk (Suggests you add 2/3 
     first, taste, then add more if it needs sweetening). Continue whipping until stiff peaks.
3. Transfer the cream into a piping bag. (fitted with a plain 1 or 2 cm nozzle)
4. Place a layer of biscuit into individual moulds or cups and pipe a layer of cream on top. Repeat until filled. 
    (Suggests that don't put too much biscuit, or the cream will adhere to only the top bits and the 
     dessert will look messy)
5. Chill in the freezer for two hours. When serving, leave it out for a bit (around 10 minutes) for it to soften.

I love dessert with some fruits in it .... especially strawberries.