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Thursday 22 November 2012

Spaghetti with Sardine & Sesame Sauce

Just last week, Sonia of NasiLemakLover posted her Japanese Avocado & Crabstick Pasta, which I think it is such a brilliant idea to make for a quick lunch when she used the sesame seed dressing recipe which was origin from Nami of Just One Cookbook created for salad dressing.  

Isn't it great that we can use salad dressing for pasta as well too.  I am so thrilled for this!!

.....though my picture doesn't do much justice, but for sure the food is good enough already!

Spaghetti With Sardine & Sesame Sauce
Inspiration from Sonia of NasiLemakLover
and Sesame Dressing from Nami of JustOneCookbook

Sesame dressing ingredients
4 tbsp white sesame seeds
3 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise
3 tbsp rice vinegar (I use Heinz vinegar)
1 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
1½ tsp caster sugar or to taste
1 tsp mirin
A pinch of salt or to taste

150g spaghetti, cooked till al dente
1 small can of sardine in olive oil, mashed
one bunch of spinach, blanch and chopped fine

some cherry tomatoes

Toast sesame seeds in a frying pan on low heat until golden brown and aroma.
Grind the sesame seeds in a spice grinder (don’t grind too fine, keep it a bit coarse gives better texture when eating)
Mix sesame dressing seasonings in a mixing bowl, add in grinded sesame seeds, mashed sardine and the chopped spinach; mix till combine.
Mix sesame dressing with cooked spaghetti 
Serve with cherry tomatoes.

The sesame seed dressing taste real good, and of course you can always substitute with other ingredients other than the sardine I put in to my spaghetti.

Thank you Sonia for this great idea for using the dressing in pasta and thank you Nami for this great delicious dressing!