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Friday 23 November 2012

Strawberry Swirl Swiss Roll

I've made swiss roll many times and in fact I have bought a recipe book mainly in making swiss roll (this recipe book is in Chinese though I am illiterate in Chinese).    I believe some of you might have bought recipe or cookbook that you doesn't even read of that language, right?  We been caught dying to buy books just because the food photos was so beautiful and looking so deliciously.....

Whenever I met failure in my baking, I am too shy to post it out of the ugly looking baked... but I do admire those who share out their failures.....  But sometimes, things shouldn't need to be perfect in looking and the quality is the most important.

Today, my first post of Swiss Roll, though while rolling it up, it crack but who cares now....

Strawberry Swirl Swiss Roll
Recipe adapt from  Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover with minor changes

Decoration batter
50g unsalted butter
1 tsp corn oil
40g icing sugar
30g egg white
50g cake flour  (I did not use up all the flour)
Abt 2 tbsp strawberry puree
A drop or two red food coloring

1. Melted butter and corn oil over a double boiler.
2. Sift in sugar, stir well.
3. Add in egg white and strawberry puree, combine well.
4. Add in cake flour, mix well.
5. Put in the color.
6. Pipe the patterns onto the swiss roll pan that line with paper.
7. Chill in the fridge for 20mins.

(Please note :  I have strained the batter to give it a smooth consistency to pipe out the swirl).

Swiss roll sponge
5 egg yolks (medium)
50g corn oil
50g milk
20g caster sugar
85g cake flour

5 egg white (medium)
1/4 tsp lemon juices, optional
50g caster sugar

Whipped Cream Filling
120g dairy whipping cream
20g icing sugar
(Whip fresh cream until thick.  Add in sugar and whisk until stiff. Chill before used)
2 big strawberries, cut into small pieces 

 1. Lightly whisk egg yolk with sugar.
2. Add in corn oil, stir to combine.
3. Add in milk, combine well.
4. Fold in cake flour, mix well, set aside.
5. Add lemon juices into egg white, beat till foamy.
6. Gradually add in sugar, beat till stiff peaks.

7. Take 1/3 portion of egg white mixture and use hand whisk to mix with egg yolk mixture till

8. Fold the balance of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture, combine well.

9.  Remove the pan from the fridge (the pan that you pipe out the swirl remember?)
10. Pour the batter over to cover the swirl and careful level the surface.
11. Bake at 160C (at middle rack) for 25mins.

To assemble Swiss roll

1. Carefully turn the baked sponge cake onto a piece of baking/parchment paper.
2. Slowly peel off the attached baking/parchment paper from the cake.
3. Place a new piece of baking/parchment paper over the sponge. Invert the sponge again.

4. Slice out a small piece of sponge on a 45-degree angle at another end, so the end of sponge
     will neatly attached to the sponge at the end of rolling.
5. Make few slits on the whole cake. Spread evenly a layer of whipped cream and spread all
     over the strawberries cut pieces.
6. With the shorter side/breadth facing you, roll the cake up tightly to form a swiss roll. 
    Wrap with cling wrap and chill in the fridge to allow the swiss roll to set. Slice to serve.  

I draw out a stencil of the swirl pattern and I draw out again on the line parchment paper.

I believe some of you have come across strawberry print like or teddy bear, or angry bird on the swiss roll, right ... hmm...I'm just no good in drawing, it might come out something else...
This swiss roll sponge cake texture is so soft and Sonia is right, and I loves this very much!
Thank you Sonia!


  1. Ohh! Mel,
    Your Swiss Roll looks so lovely.
    Agreed.. the quality that counts not the looks only..:D
    Can i have a piece of your pretty strawberry swiss roll for breakfast?..:p

    1. Hello mui mui
      Of course, wish I can invite you over to have a cup of tea with this swiss roll together! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wah! Mel, the patterns on the swiss roll are very nicely done! I am very scared to make swiss roll because I got phobia that when I roll, it will break :)

    1. Hi Phong Hong
      Thank you for your sweet words! Don't be scare lah.... I am like you too scare on my first time, but just got to try and try lor.... I wish and look forward to see swiss roll and cheesecake on your post Phong Hong!!

  3. Hi Mel, this looks very pretty to me! Crack, where? Totally distracted by the pretty swirls and the strawberry fillings to notice any crack :)

    1. Hi
      Thanks..... when I start to roll, it start to crack....and my heart crack up.....but I just go on to roll it up...

  4. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! So you just draw it on parchment paper then put icing ON the parchment paper?

    1. Hi Cathleen,
      Thanks for your sweet compliments. Yes, i draw the swirls on the parchment paper but make sure you flip it back bottom to the baking pan and pipe out the batter on to the swirls. This is to avoid having the black ink to stain to the cake.

  5. you did it so well for the 1st time, beautiful swirl and nice texture of the cake. Thanks for your shout-out.

    1. Thanks Sonia! Loves the swiss roll lots. Soft in texture.

  6. Beautifully baked! Your patterned swirls are really pretty! You have baked it perfectly!

    1. Hi joyce,
      Thank you for your compliments! Sweet of you

  7. wow! the first thing i see is the PERFECT texture! exactly like those in the bakeries ^^ good job, mel ^^ i wish i can make this as well too.. but without the swirls, of course.. too much work ^^

    1. Hi hui
      Thank you!! The swirl is just the outlook but most of all is the texture of the cake. It is real soft and hope u can give it a try. Actually u can scoop out abt few spoonful of the sponge cake batter and add some colourful and pipe out the swirl. It is the same.

  8. Hi this is very good cake, I will try it soon, Thanks for sharing this recipe.Cosmetic Surgery India

  9. you are so rajin, i realised that i've missed a few of your posts already this week. the sponge looks soft and the design is so reminds me of the design too on one of my carpets..hehe..very nice work!

    1. Hi Lena
      This swiss roll is so soft and I always love swiss roll... hee....hee...if u make this with the swirl, would u call "carpet swirl swiss roll?"

  10. 蛋糕卷还是美美啦!

  11. Mel, show me where is the crack? This swiss roll was rolled up beautifully & so is the cake itself! Very clever girl, 1st swiss roll also looks so nice already, big potential, haha!

    1. Hi Jessie
      Hee...hee....the crack was hidden ... thank you for your sweet words ....makes my day!

  12. Mel, this is the correct attitude - never fear or be shy of failure. In any case, your cake looks far from a failure. It looks very well done!

    Maybe I am not so into baking, I still couldn't visualize out how you get the swirl print on the cake after reading the recipe couple of times. :(

    1. Hi Alvin,
      Thank you for your encourgement and compliments.... sure it does makes my day!
      Well I know being u not so into baking, you might be having hard time figuring out how the swirl goes about. Ok, here goes....
      1) make the deco batter and pipe the swirl out on the parcement paper. Put in the fridge while u make the sponge batter.
      2) after u have completed making the sponge cake batter, take out the swirl pan out from fridge and pour the sponge cake batter on top of the swirl carefully and level the surface. Then send to the oven to bake.

    2. Thanks Mel! I think I can figure that out now... :)

  13. Hi Mel, lovely design and it look cottony soft, you did a good job. Your swiss roll look perfect to me. :)

    Have a lovely day ahead.

  14. Hello, Mel!
    How did you make the drawings? After or before you bake it?
    Thanks and congratulations. It's beautinful!

    1. Hi Juliana
      The swirl drawing is made Before baking. Draw the swirl with pencil first on the baking paper....then flip over arrang nicely on baking sheet and start to pipe the colour batter on the swirl. Hope that help and answer your queries.