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Friday, 12 December 2014

Mini Christmas Pudding

In less than two weeks from now we will be celebrating Christmas.  Have you done your shopping and plan your Christmas menu or baking any goodies to be given as gifts?

As usual, though I don't really celebrate Christmas, to get into the Christmas mood, I be baking my favourite Christmas Cake or you can called it mixed dry fruit cake or Christmas pudding, or even steam fruit cake.  They are all the same to me.

This year, I have made few batches earlier and all were distributed out to families and friends.

I have also try making it some into small mini moulds which was supposed to be given away for my reunion friends get together but unfortunately I have been unwell so I have to cancel my trip back to my hometown.

                    I think this mini ones looks nicer and presentable in serving too.

If you intend to make this, you can follow the recipe here (Christmas Pudding) or here (Steamed Fruit Cake).  But, instead of going into the steamer for 4 hours, you can choose the bain marie method (steamed bake) to cut short the cooking time.

Oh, please note that I usually will macerate my mixed dry fruits in brandy (you can use Rum) overnight.

Once the cake is cooked, and, let the cake aged for at least a day or two before consumin as to let the flavour mature.  As I have read in the internet, it is more better to make this Christmas Pudding two months before the big day or at least one month ahead.....or the earlier the better! 

Well, for me....once my cake been done and matured for two days will be gone in just a few days!  Don't think I am able to let it mature more than a week.....LOL.  It is just toooo delicious.  Unless someone help me to hide the cake where I don't know where of..... 

                             If only I have some custard to go with it.......and that would 
                             be so perfect!!


  1. Hey Mel, love your photos! Hmm... sounds great to pour some custard or chocolate fudge to go with your yummy mini pudding! Oh ... I'm drooling ...

  2. Mel individual servings are cute and more convenient. I like!

  3. i love anything mini... so i can eat it without the guilt.. heh heh... very lovely mini pudding there. i will love to serve this to my guests

  4. Your cake looks fabulous and delicious! Yes, some custard would be really good...yummy!

  5. Looking at the cute mini pudding, don't think I can wait for a month before I could taste it :)

  6. hey, how did i miss this post??! these are the cutest little xmas pudding ever! yums! ^^

  7. it would be just as tough for me to let them sit for months before eating it! make many small ones that can eat one every week..hehe...they look lovely!

  8. Hi Mel,
    These mini ones look so lovely!!
    I can't wait for a month to taste them. i wanna sink my teeth in them now :p