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Monday, 7 July 2014

Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Have you tasted this Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi (Chicken in bird's eye chilli & coconut sauce)?

Eventhough this dish using more than 20 bird's eye chilly, to me it is not that fiery hot at all.  I think this dish is the most easiest dish to cook.  Just prepare those ingredients on hand and blend it to paste and put everything into a pot and cook till the chicken cook.  That's it.

I seldom use coconut milk in my cooking and even when I cook chicken curry, I don't use coconut milk but I substitute with fresh milk instead.  But for this Ayam Masak Lemak it is just simply too delicious to try it out to use the coconut milk.  What is Ayam Masak Lemak when it doesn't use coconut milk?

Chicken In Bird's Eye Chilli & Coconut Sauce
Recipe sourced from Azlita of Masam Manis
½ chicken; cut to bite size (I’ve used only chicken thighs)
3 medium size potato; cut in 4 pieces
½ tumeric leaf, finely sliced
2 lemongrass, bashed
1 cup (250ml) thick coconut milk
Salt to taste

Grind/Blend to paste
20 bird’s eye chilli
2” fresh tumeric root
2” ginger root
2 lemongrass (white part only)
½ tumeric leaf
3 shallots
2 garlic
2 cups water


Put the blended paste into a medium size pot.  Add in the chicken pieces and potato, bring to boil, and lowering the heat till the chicken and potatoes has tendered and cooked.

Add in the coconut milk and frequently lightly stirring to avoid the coconut milk split into oil.  Add salt to taste.

Sprinkle the additional thinly sliced tumeric leaf and serve hot.

                    You can always reduce the chilli if you can't withstand the spiciness!


  1. I am sure love this ayam masak lemak, must have a lot rice to go with this yummy dish!

  2. Hi Mel, I do grind and make my own chilli paste for cooking curry but I usually use dried chilli. What is bird’s eye chilli? I don't think it's chilli padi as it would be too hot. This dish is yummy ... would like to try it ^-^

    1. Hi Karen,
      Bird's eye chilli is chilli padi lah.... surprisingly even if using 20pcs of chilli padi here it is really not that hot.

    2. OIC, thanks for sharing... ok i shall try using Bird's eye chilli for my curry when there's pot luck or gatherings. Cos my girl can't take spicy hot food.

  3. Sedap Oooooo!!!! I am drooling now....More rice please, hehehe!

  4. I was expecting something red, hot and fiery when I read ayam masak cili..and I was going "wahhhhh".. then I saw the pictures and the word 'lemak'.. haha. Oops, salah masakan.. but still looks delicious and oh-so appetizing! Tak payah rasa pun tahu sedaaaap! ^^

  5. Mel Mel, really so easy? Put in, blend and cook ah? Too good to be true. So I will do this when I return..on second thoughts, I think I will get the hubby to do it!! . First thing first, I need to find some tumeric root

  6. I always like this dish but will usually cook it with some ikan bilis and veggies. I should try it with chicken one day.

  7. Mel, 20 cili padi not hot meh? You must be a chilli queen lah. OK, let me test because your curry look delicious!

  8. Your bowl of curry is making my mouth water! I need some bread to dip into that sauce.

  9. Yum it looks so yummy. 20 cili padi will be pretty hot for me... hehe salute you!

  10. I have never tried this before, but it sounds and looks super delicious!

  11. Looks so tempting !
    I think with this yummy chicken,easily can finish 2 bowls of rice in one go.