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Monday, 9 September 2013

Xi Pan 喜粄

This is my second attempt to make this "Xi Pan.  The first time my Xi Pan after steaming it is more like a kuih or you may called it plain angku kuih  Probably that time it didn't proofed well enough because of the cold weather in NZ that time.  Or probably I've been using the expired yeast...I don't know.

And now back home here, I try again.  I made a small batch instead, but I made this using the overnight sponge.

XI PAN 喜粄 
Recipe sourced from Wendy of Table for 2...or more

Ingredients for sponge dough: (A)
1 tsp. yeast
150 gm. plain flour
125 ml. water

Ingredients: (B)
150 gm. Plain flour
150 gm. glutinous rice flour
125 gm. sugar
150 gm. water
a few drops of pink colouring

Banana leaves - grease with oil (I used greased proof paper)

(1) Mix all the ingredients for sponge dough, cover and keep overnight.
(2) Mix all the ingredients (A) and (B) together into a soft dough and proof for another 4 hours.
(3) Divide soft dough into 50 gm. each (rub palm with cornoil) and place on top of a greased banana leaf. Leave to proof for another 15 mins.
(4) Steam over moderate heat for 15 mins.
(5) Remove from steamer and leave to cool. 

           I wakes up at 5am to make this........just for breakfast!  

                                   Soft and chewy in texture! 


  1. 喜粄,这个非常合我意哦!

  2. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com9 September 2013 at 11:33

    This is my children's favourite and they have been pestering me to learn how to make. We used to buy from outside and it's quite expensive. Well, it's high time for me to start learning how to make kuihs and bake cakes. Have a nice day, Mel :)

  3. Hi Mel, I love this too, very addictive kueh. Yours look well done!

    Have a nice day.

  4. Getting up at 5am to make this! Your family is so lucky to have you making these for breakfast, and freshly made too. The texture of your Xi Ban looks so beautiful and soft. May I ask if you mix the dough with your dough hook or with hands? When you said proof for 4 hours, was it until it doubled in size (just like bread dough)? Thanks Mel.

    1. Hi Veronica
      I mixed everything including the overnight dough together with dough hook till all combined (no need window pane) is quite sticky to use hands to mix. Since Im making half portion of this recipe, I only proof it 2 hours. And yes it did doubled in size.

  5. Mel, so rajin to get up at 5am to make this breakfast! But worth it lah, I wish I can try one :)

  6. Mel: So geng, got up 5am just to make these xi pan. I like to see the texture of the xi pan, so soft there! Also like the pink colour too.

  7. Used to buy these 'apam buns' every other day for my nephew when he was a toddler ^^ never knew what they were called, haha! Haven't eaten these in ages.. your fluffy soft xi pan looks delish, mel ^^ your family is so lucky!

  8. Hi Mel, your xi pan turned out very well. It rose so well and has a nice soft texture. Love it!

  9. Hi Mel! 5am!! You are really dedicated, I don't think I'll be so hardworking like you. Looks really good with a cup of kopi-o!

  10. I too had failed at first attempt and have not tried it again lol! seeing how yours turned out so soft and fluffy, I would love to try it again.

  11. good morning mel, i like eating xi bans because of the little chewiness texture. Yours looking great, i can see that it has a very nice texture! so it is worth your effort to wake up early to make these wonderful xi bans, hor?

  12. So the overnight sponge made the Xi Pan even better, if time allow, next time I also want to try out.

  13. I love steamed buns so much. I have never tried nor heard of this type but i'm sure this is something I'd like. They look so fluffy.

  14. Hi Mel,
    I love this yummy xi ban.
    Looks lovely in pink.

  15. I made it! Pandan version now I’ve got so much how best can I keep it till tomorrow? Thank you !!