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Monday, 6 May 2013

Auckland City, Queen Street

Last week the weather was good and sunny and we decided to make a trip down to the City.  Instead of driving to the city (as it will be difficult to find parking space in the city), we took the ferry down from Half Moon Bay (near Bucklands Beach).

The ferry trip to the City from Half Moon Bay took just 30 minutes only.


You can purchase the tickets in the ferry itself.  Return tickets for two adults and (max.) four children for family package is NZ$36.00 and the other ticket Super Gold is usually for Senior Citizen which is free!

Transport Centre - train and bus to other state.

Queen Street - long walk with lots of shops on left and right.

at one junction, you will see SkyTower!  A must go for the first timer.  Casino, bungee jump,

                       Daiso in Auckland City!

On our ferry return ride, we saw this ferry going to Waiheke Island.  
Waiheke Island - a place to those who loves wines, places to visit vineyards and wineries. 
(Ha..Alvin of Chef&Sommelier, if you are reading this, Waiheke Island is the place you might like to visit).

You know what is this?  For towing the boat.


  1. Nice pics, Mel! I know you are having a wonderful time :)

  2. Great shots!!!! A free Auckland city tour for me, thanks :)

  3. Ahhhhh!!!! I took the ferry from that same place too...and went to Queen Street too. What a coincidence.

  4. Beautiful NZ... I love NZ especially South Island.
    Looking forward to a lot more photos :D

  5. Nice! Loving auckland already from your pics ^^

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics, hope u r having a wonderful time ;)

  7. Hi Mel,
    Lovely photos, the places all look so clean!
    The weather must be cooling and lovely there!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lovely scenaries indeed, reminds me of my last trip to Christchurch just after the earthquake!

  9. Thanks for sharing, never been to NZ yet. The street is so clean, you know what, Italy's street is full of rubbish and dirty, I was surprised it look like in MY, hahaha.

  10. Mel, sorry, I must have missed out this posting earlier! Have a lovely celebration with your mum tomorrow!

  11. Mel,
    Pictures are wonderful!
    Taking ferry can be relaxing and more to see.
    Thanks for showing around the city.
    Did you go for the Casino bungee jump?..:p
    Enjoy yourself!

  12. How could I miss this post?! I could tell you are having a wonderful time there! Keep us posted with more photos and updates!

  13. Lovely photos, looking forward to more :)

  14. I love seeing the pictures from other parts of the world! Thanks for posting and sharing with us! :)

  15. Daiso!!! My favourite! Everybody loves a cheap and cheery shop ;) Thanks for the scenic tour.

  16. Hi Mel, thanks for the tour. Lovely pictures. Hope you having a good time.

    Best regards.

  17. What a fun trip. hehe...I can get lost and spend a couple hours at Daiso any day! :) Thanks for sharing the picture of your journey with us.