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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spinach, Feta and Potato Pies

I usually can't stop myself from paying a 'visit' if I happened to see food post of pies, or anything with potatoes or cheese!

Though by right I shouldn't take in too much of dairy products such as milk, cheese, chocolate or butter because I have allergic rhinitis and taking these dairy food would result in building up mucous.  And all these food are my favourite and how can I totally not having this or to totally cut down.

When Sonia  posted her Spinach, Feta & Potato Pies lately, I just got to try this out because I am sure I would love this very much.  But I made the cheated version ~ I used the ready made store bought crust pastry instead to make for a quicky fast lunch.

Spinach, Feta and Potato Pies
Recipe sourced from Sonia of NasiLemakLover with slight change 

For the pastry
280g plain flour, plus extra for dusting (or 140g wholemeal + 140g plain flour)
85g cold butter, diced
85g shortening
100ml milk, if needed

(For the pastry, I did not make the pastry,instead I used the store bought Crust Pastry)

For the filling
1 small US Russet potato, peeled and diced
200g spinach
100ml heavy cream  (ran out of cream ~ I used evaporated milk of 80ml)
100g feta, crumbled  (I used the Feta that brine in olive oil with herbs/dried tomato)
1 egg, beaten
100g cheddar cheese, grated
Salt and pepper to taste
Grated fresh nutmeg  (I did not add this as I have forgotten)

For the egg wash
1 egg, beaten with 1 tbsp water

To make the pastry
Rub the flours together with the butter and shortening until it is the texture of breadcrumbs, then work in the milk (you may not need it all) until the pastry comes together. Lightly combine the pastry until soft. Press the pastry into a flat and round disc and chill for 1hr while you make the filling.
Boil the potato for 10mins until cooked, then drain.
Blanch spinach in hot water, drain and squeeze out all the liquid.
Mix spinach, potato, cream, feta, egg, and 2/3 cheddar. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Divide pastry into 7 portions, roll out the pastry to appx 13cm x 13cm with appx 3mm thickness.
Spoon the spinach mix into the centre of each square and bring all four corners together over the filling, pinching the edges together to make a sealed purse with the pinched edges facing up. 
Brush each with egg wash, then top with remaining cheddar.
Bake at preheated oven at 200C for 30mins or until golden.

(Original recipe : Pie cookbook by Dean Brettschneider, extracted from Food and Travel Magazine)

Want to know how it taste?  It is so, so, so, so, so, DEEEEELICIOUS!!   I loves the potato and the cheese filling.

And as for the spinach, you can substitute it with chives too.

I have some left over grated cheddar cheese which I did not add finish for the topping to bake so when serve warm, I sprinkle on top again ~ taste so yummy.  I love cheddar cheese.



  1. These pies look amazing! I love your filling of different types of cheese, potatoes and spinach!

  2. If I were to make these, I too would opt for the store bought pastry. Yours look so fresh and yummy!

  3. I'm 2nd today! These pies look "sui sui" & "ho jiak," esp by looking at the 2nd picture! Nice!

  4. Oh boy, Mel, your pies look fantastic. I also love spinach and feta combination, its wonderful in a pull-apart bread too! Must make these soon, and yes, with store bought pastry haha.

  5. Mel, your pies are so gorgeous! I am so motivated to bake some too but of course lah will use store bought pastry because I can't take the risk of making my own. Sure cannot jadi :)

  6. Mel, the photos told me that this pie is so,so,so,so,so DEEEEElicious!!!! May I share with you? :)

  7. Beautiful pies, Mel. Love the filling! Can eat a batch all by myself.

  8. you had me at so, so, so, so, so deeeeelicious! ^^ i was actually holding my breath, waiting for your verdict on this pie! i must make this soonest ^^! i'm counting on the so(x5) de(x5)licious = 5 stars review! ^^

  9. Thanks for your BIG shout out Mel, time try to make your own pastry, very good too.

  10. Ioor .... This looks really really good. Spinach feta pie is sure a winner...I want to have one pls!

  11. Yum, yum! Deliiicious!! I almost bought the pie book by DS a couple of weeks ago from Popular! I came back and check it out from Amazon, at that time there was no review, as this is a new book, but I really like what I've seen! Been thinking about this book ever since! Aiyoh... so many books already! But then, maybe just one more....!! LOL!

  12. Love the combination of spinach and feta always. I remember posting a similar recipe when she posted hers. Lol.

  13. Mel, you are so quick! I am planning to make this but still haven't tried. xD Ahhh must make this soon. I love savory pie like this!

  14. Your pie looks good, the combination for the filling sounds delicious!

  15. That looks delicious indeed! The extra cheese must surely made it even more so! Like how you seal your nice!

  16. Hi Mel, your pie look so inviting and awesome. Love the filling, look really good. Great ideas for a quickie lunch cos I cook lunch before I go to office. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day.

  17. good morning mel, the fillings already sound very good..with the cheese and the feta! mouthwatering!

  18. pretty. I would love this for lunch or dinner too. I love pies a lot but don't make them too often. This sounds like a wonderful recipe to try.

  19. Mel, oh wow!
    This pie looks so look and in taste both!
    I never tried feta cheese must try this someday!