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Monday, 22 April 2013

Mel is taking a long break holiday.....

To all my dear friends,

I will be taking a long break holiday for 3-4 months.  
I'm flying off to Auckland, NZ visiting my mum, sister, uncle, aunty, cousins, sister-in-law, nieces and friends.... thereafter might be off to Melbourne for a short visit too.

Well, during this long period of time, I will try to find time to update my blog here; , if I'm not posting my bakes or dishes, I will just post scenery pictures of NZ.

Here, I like to THANK YOU all for visiting my blog and leaving your comments as it does mean a lot to me!  Take care.  

Lots Love
                                                  It's Autumn now and be there till winter!



  1. Good morning,
    Your itinery sounds wonderful. Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to see your photos.
    May God be with you all throughout the trip.

  2. Wow, 3-4 months, no need to work anymore, hahaha! Enjoy & hope to see photos from you soon!

  3. Mel, i am sooooo envious :P Four months in NZ and Oz - my dream holiday. I once spent three weeks in NZ and it was one of the most beautiful place ever. I'm sure you will have a great holiday. Take care and look fwd to all your photos.

  4. Mel, wishing u happy holiday, looking fwd for ur beautiful pics :)

  5. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your trip ;) Look fwd to your photos.

  6. Hi Mel,
    How fun! Have a good holiday!
    Wish you a safe trip to and back. Looking forward to your photos!
    Take care and enjoy!

  7. Hi Mel! Have a good break and enjoy your trip!

  8. Take care and have lots of fun, Mel! Will miss your posts.

  9. wow..that's really long! enjoy your holidays and yeah, do keep us posted on your holidays..when you hv time of course!

  10. Mel, have a joyful holidays! Remember to keep us posted ya ;) Miss you.... ^_^

  11. Mel,
    First, I like to wish you happy holidays!
    Second, would like to say sorry for not drooping by for so long:p
    Third, now I am going to visit all your post that I have miss. :D
    Happy holiday :)