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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kumquat Tart

Hello everyone,

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to you!  May the year 2013 brings you good health and may you stay happy at all times!

To start the year 2013, I have baked a Kumquat Tart.
I hope you won't gave me a remarks of saying......kumquat again?!
Well, kumquat is one of my favourite I will try to use this to bake all types of cakes or tart to indulge in....

The tart crust I used here is the same from my Lemon Tart (Shortbread crust from joyofbaking).

As for the filling, I just created it myself ....with kumquat puree, eggs, milk and sugar.  You can called this as Kumquat Egg Tart too.  I baked this for 20 minutes and thought the filling already set and cooked.... I used only 2 eggs which supposed to use for 3-4 eggs.

I will try to perfect it the next time....


 Hope your start of the new year 2013 has been a good one so far....... well, I am lazying at home catching some movies....  with a cup of tea and a few slices of this kumquat tart...



  1. this looks great, mel! what a good idea ^^! and a very sweet way to start the new year ^^ i still have some kumquat puree (though probably not enough for a tart) in the fridge.. was afraid of the kumquats rotting, so made a double batch of your fabulous kumquat teacakes for my aunts ^^ they love! love! love! it btw! ^^

  2. Hi Mel, your kumquat tart look delicious. Love the golden color perfect for the New Year. Cheers!

    I have not try kumquat in baking, will try that next time. This year to do list getting longer.....LOL
    Have a nice day ahead,regards.

  3. Hi Mel, your baked a lovely kumquat tart. Love the beautiful orange colour.

  4. Mel, what a lovely tart! It must have tasted really good. Wishing you a wonderful 2013 and many good things to come!

  5. Happy new year Mel! What a lovely tart to start off the year, i hv never tried kumquat tart before...must look out for this at the supermarket and try making some at home.

  6. Love all citrus fruit especially in tarts. Kumquat is not that easy to come by but I would certainly like to try it made into tart like this. Lucky that you have films to watch. The programs this holiday season are pretty shabby over here. Enjoy yourself, Mel. happy New Year!

  7. Hi Mel, I do not understand the last sentence... your tart already looks very perfect!

  8. Happy New Year Mel:)
    Ohh!! That is a lovely Kumquat tart.
    How i wish i can have a piece for breakfast now..heehee
    All the best to you in this whole new year:D

  9. Hi Mel,
    Your kumquat tart looks wonderful, love the vibrant colour!
    I bought some kumquat for baking, but ended up eating them all up!
    Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2013!

  10. oh my! This is to die for! The surface is beautiful!

  11. Mel, have a blessed and great New Year ahead. I have been busy with school open things. Oh, your tart look so perfect and nice.

  12. i also love how golden your tarts looks! hey, very auspicious too..LOL!

  13. Beautiful! This is my first time seeing kumquat tart and I am drooling over your delicious tart! My mouth is non stop watering now... Please give me some slice pleaseee!

  14. beautiful... i love the name of your blog.. its cute...