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Monday, 19 November 2012

Fudgy Nama Chocolate

I think all young girls and boys, do loves to eat chocolates, don't they?  And I am no exception.  During my teenager's time, I craved so much for chocolates BUT..... because I want to be pretty, so I have to give up eating chocolates.  Know why?  Whenever I eat chocolates those days, the next day, I will have one or two pimples popping out!! Grrrr........... 

This is why, I rather go pretty than to indulge in those chocolates those days.  But now, getting old now, pimples don't grow on old ladies.... ha...ha....ha.... I can eat as much of chocolates I want but of course I got to be careful for my weight too!

When I saw Nami of JustOneCookbook  posted her Nama Chocolate, I immediately bookmarked it hopefully one day I can make this one tooThat time I wasn't aware that this Nama Chocolate (Royce Brand) is one of the famous brand in Japan.   Then later on, I saw Fern of To Food With Love  made this too.  And then just week ago, another blogger my friend, Hui of Butterfly Waltz made it out of by chance when she intend to make something else instead.

When they commented that this Nama Chocolate is soooooo good, I just had to give this a try.  In fact, today this post, is my Second time making this chocolate.  so you should know how yummy it is.

The first time I made using the low quality chocolate and it turn out to be soft and fudgy (don't judge it eventhough made from the low quality but it was real good too!).  So the second time I used good quality chocolate (a mixed of 70% & 80%)  and mixed with 45% cocoa in to make it.

Nama Chocolates
Adapted from Nami of JustOneCookbook

400g dark chocolate (between 45% - 70%, up to your preference)

200ml heavy whipping cream
Liquer of your choice (or use vanilla extract if you like)
Cocoa  powder to coat

Cut the chocolate into smaller pieces using a knife so that they will melt faster and more evenly.

Lay parchment paper (baking sheet) on baking pan or any square tray (about 8" x8"). Choosing the right size tray is important as the height of chocolate is decided depending on how much you pour.

Put cream in a saucepan and heat it up until it almost reaches a boil. Turn off the heat.

Add the chocolate and stir till the chocolate and cream are completely combined. 
Add liqueur of your choice (optional).

Pour the mixture into the tray. Smooth the surface and refrigerate until firm.

Remove the chocolate from baking tray and chop them into cubes using a warm knife. Make sure to warm the knife after each cutting to prevent splintering. 
(You can use hot running water but wipe it off completely before cutting.)

Sprinkle the cocoa powder and serve it chilled. You can keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days but enjoy soon.

*  Hop over to Nami's site for her great tutorial photos !

* Tips

*  Make sure you chopped your chocolate to small pieces so it will melt easily.
*  Try not to boil the heavy cream too hot and pour the chocolate in or else the oil will 
    split out and there goes the chocolate.........
    (chocolate that are above 70% cocoa tends to get oil split easily so just got to be cautious
    if your cream too hot).
    (I pour the warm hot cream into the chocolate pieces instead of dumping the chocolate 
    to the hot cream; just to be on safe sides).
*  Try not to drop  water into the chocolate .... and use a dry spatula to mix.!

My duckie wants to steal a piece of my chocolate!!

If you ask how does this chocolate taste, well I already made this...oh... consider I made it for twice and special request from "My Dear".... he is so addicted now...... it is already proven this chocolate taste so heavenly delicious!   

If you intend to make this, please don't blame me if you got addicted too..........  

** Latest note:

The good and higher % of cocoa quality of tends to be on bitter taste.  
And my D prefer the lower % of cocoa which gives sweeter in taste.  This is all based on individual preference.


  1. My hubby asked me to go and take chocolate class, hahah. Make for him to eat, haha.
    If I show him this one, he will say, no need go chocolate class, haha, make for him right away

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I think once you start making this, your hb will definitely will get addicted with it!

  2. OMG! your nama chocolates look so pro.. just like nami's and royce's.. neat and clean ^^ so shy, i messed up mine.. maybe i was too impatient and took it out before it properly hardened or chilled.. and then blamed the weather, haha ^^|| now you've blown my cover! ^^ aren't they amazing ^^

    1. Hello Hui
      hee....hee.....I am still a long way to go as a pro...still some room for improvement to make this. Actually seeing your post that has prompt me to make it and now already making twice. Are you making this again?

  3. Hey Mel! Thanks for sharing this - You have just given me a great idea for Christmas gift! Time to go get some personalised boxes. I'm sure my friends will be very happy to receive this for X'mas!

    Btw, how many pieces can this recipe yield?

    1. Hi Alvin
      Yes, this is indeed a good gift for Christmas. You can go over to Nami's and Fern's blog and they have wrapped it so beautifully as a gift. Well, as to how many this recipe all depends on what size of baking tin you pour into and the size you cut it out. I used a 8" x 8" square tin.

  4. So pretty. I remember reading this recipe on Nami's blog too, so easy to prepare. And yes....I haven't came across anyone who dislike chocolate. ;) I would still eat them....even with pimples on my face. hahaha...

    1. Hi Amy
      I know almost everyone loves chocolates! Chocolates really irresistible even if we have pimples!!!

  5. Mel, this is s good recipe! I had a good laugh when you said pimples don't grown on old ladies. No wonder my skin is so beautiful now. Har..har...If I make this chocolate, I guarantee no leftovers. Can't wait to try it!

    1. Hi Phong Hong,
      Isn't it......old ladies don't grow anymore pimples already! I have a good laugh too! If you don't want to get addicted of this chocolates, don't make it but I do highly recommend to try....... hee....

  6. i dare not make it again so soon.. it's too addictive, mel.. and you don't realise how much you've eaten (that's 400g of chocolates!) because we can finish all of it in a day! ^^ ok, that was my head talking.. this is what my heart wants to do.. i'll be making this again soonest.. hahaha!!! ^^

    1. ah......I knew you are going to make it again! It is so addictive this chocolate, isn't it! And do you think I will stop after I have made this twice?

  7. Mel, I got to know about Royce'c chocolate after my honyemoon in Japan. I bought them for my friends, then my friend fr Japan also brought us the Nama choc. Then last year, my other Japanese friend who lives in KL told me that Isetan KL is selling them so we also bought some home. A box is selling like over RM45. We love it. I think we chose one with champagne flavoured & can't remember the rest.

    When to add in the liquor? I think this is a good idea to make as a gift to friends, don't you think so? I'm like you, soon after eating something heaty, i will either get sorethroat or pimple. Don't laugh, I still have pimples growing though I'm so old, hahaha! I'll keep this recipe, thank you very much!

    1. Hi Jessie,
      I have a good laugh too of what you said still have pimples? Oh, that's mean you are still young lor....
      I have altered the method of making this chocolate (using Nami's method because I was lazy to copy it).
      Seriously, I had never heard of this Royce chocolate until Nami's posted it to her blog. It is really delicious and doesn't cost to RM45 if I were to make it at home!

  8. Mel,i regretted so much after refusing to accept a box of royce choc when he came to visit me in Perth last year. After that I realized that Royce is famous Jap choc..... Feel heartache..haha!
    Ur Nama choc looks appealing and is easy to make too. It's a good treat/ gift for Xmas

  9. Ya, me too also bookmarked this recipe, now you strongly recommend again, I think I have to make this soon .

  10. Sinful good! Homemade Royce chocolate .... delicious :)

  11. Hi Mel, anymore left? This is very tempting and I'm sure one can't stop eating this delicious chocolate. :)

    Yours look so nice and evenly cut. 2 thumbs up for you.

  12. Hi Mel! Hee hee hee. I'm glad you enjoyed this. This is so easy!!!! I don't make dessert often but I made this many times and I put it behind the other food in the fridge so that I don't keep opening the box to eat it... VERY VERY dangerous. I made this for a get-together one time and it was gone in a few minutes. It went so fast! It must be quite difficult to make this in warm weather. Now I'm in Taiwan (south) it's so warm inside the house (with A/C to sleep!). I don't know how to keep the chocolate not to melt so quickly. Yours looks PERFECT, Mel! Thank you for kind mention and linking back to me! xoxo

  13. You finally made these too! I just made some on Sunday :)

  14. Hi Mel,
    I am late:p I believe these lovely and delish chocolate are long gone..
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful dessert.
    Bookmarked !! :D

  15. Hi Mel, may I know what brand of heavy cream you use? everytime I have problem to look for heavy cream or double cream, I am from S'pore.
    Thank you

    1. Hi soh,
      The brand i usually used is Emborg whipping cream. You can always get the whipping cream at Cold Storage and if i am not wrong NTUC do have whipping cream. Else you can get from the shop selling baking ingredients like phoon huat. Hope that helps.

  16. Good morning, Yes, I saw this brand in NTUC, only things is % of the milk fat, am I right milk fat above 35.1% will be double cream(heavy cream)?
    Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Soh,
      Well it doesn't matter how many % of milk fat in here because we won't be able to get double cream or heavy cream here so whipping cream is the best to use! And more or less the same. Unless it calls for single cream or half & half... you can always browse at Cold Storage or Giant or Carrefour.

  17. Appreciated all your advice, I am going to make this tomorrow for my daughter and friends, will update you asap.
    Thank you & nice day!

  18. Hi Mel, i just came over from Alvin (chef n sommelier) 's blog on nama chocolates - this looks a bit hit amongst bloggers. Now i have been bitten by this bug, might try making this for christmas. Lovely blog you have, joining the followers list now :)