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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pearl Meat Balls

I like meatball dishes either by cooking in deep frying, braising or steaming.  Whenever I come across any meatball recipes, I usually will bookmark it; I don't know why.  Maybe I feel it is easy to chew and it is most suitable for the elderly too.

I have few more meatballs dishes which I intend to cook very soon but today I am posting here is the Pearl Meat Balls.  Another recipe from Nami of JustOneCookbook 

Pearl MeatBalls
I have half the recipe from Nami of Just One Cookbook
(with slight change) 

½ cups glutinous rice (soak about 4 hours, drain and set aside)
250g mince meat (you can use pork, chicken or even prawn too!)
½ tbsp green onions, chopped
½ egg
½ tbsp light soy sauce
1/8 tsp salt
A dash or two pepper
some Shao Xin Wine
2-3 water chestnuts, peeled, smashed then minced

1.  Mix all other ingredients together except the glutinous rice in a large bowl.

2.  Grab handfuls of the mixed ingredients, pat them in your palms to make the mixture

3.  Start boiling water to prepare the steamer.
     (You can lay a piece of cheese cloth on the bottom of steamer, depend on you to
     absorb the steaming water).
4.  Make meat balls, about 1 inch diameter each.

5.  Roll the meat balls in glutinous rice, make sure all sides are covered.

6. Place the pearl balls into your steamer, steam on high for 20 minutes.

At first I wasn't sure what is Sweet Rice that Nami is indicating in her recipe,  and I google search only to find out it was Glutinous Rice.

Those who loves to eat Glutinous Rice, I am sure you will like this too!

This Pearl Meatballs is easy to make!  And delicious too.  Dip some chilli sauce before going into your mouth.


  1. I also love meatballs. This meatball looks delicious with coating of glutinous rice. Can I ask, do you cook the glutinous rice first? From the recipe it looks like the rice is uncooked when roll with meatball and it cooks together with the meatball?

    1. The 'uncooked' g.rice steamed together with the meatball. I steamed it a little longer (I peeped inside to see whether the rice is cooked or not else I steamed it a little longer).

  2. Does this taste like "Nor Mai Kai" (糯米鸡)? Good idea to make it bite-size.

    1. Nope...this is not really taste like "Lor Mai Kai" though it has the glutinous rice coating over the meatballs. It is yummy and delicious going with some chilli sauce.

  3. This looks so good, Mel. I have seen this somewhere but never ventured to try it because I didn't really know what it is. It is a meal in one bite! Have to try this.

    1. Hi Adora,
      Yes, indeed this Pearl Balls is delicious! Hope you will try it for your family and I am sure you will like this too!

  4. I have seen a similar recipe long time ago, have yet to try out. I am ok everything cooked with glutinous rice, this sure I will like it .

    1. Hi Sonia,
      I bet you have seen 'similar' recipe like this too! I am sure you would love this too.

  5. I'm a Nami super fan - so I know these MUST be amazing!

    1. Hello Ashley,
      I am a great follower to Nami's blog too! I have been cooking a lot of recipe from her. She is one of the marvelous cook.

    2. Ahhh you two are so kind, thank you very much for your kind words. :)

  6. Thank you Mel for trying this recipe! I'm really happy you liked it and glad I could share this recipe with you. My son is just like you. He likes meatballs in all kinds - Western or Asian style... he probably likes ground meat as it's easy to chew and eat fast! Your pearl balls are so beautiful! Thanks for clarifying about Sweet Rice. :)