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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bubur Cha Cha

I've some taro left from my yesterday Fragrant Taro rice.   So instead I use the leftover taro  to make Bubur Cha Cha, one of my favourite dessert.  

I guess everyone know how to make this Bubur Cha Cha as it is easy to make. 
And if you are allergic to taro, you can always substitute with tapioca.

Bubur Cha-Cha Recipe

100g    Orange Sweet Potato
100g  Yam (Taro)
10g     Sago (Tapioca pearls)

Tapioca flour jelly
50g   Tapioca Flour
¼ cup Boiling Water (pour bit by bit first)
Red/purple coloring

1 liter water
½ cup Thick coconut milk
60g Sugar or palm sugar
1 Pandan leaves
Salt to taste

1) Peel and cut potatoes and taro into cubes. Steam until cooked.

2) To make tapioca flour jelly, place the flour in mixing bowl. Pour in boiling water. Mix
     the flour and water until well incorporated. Add in some colouring and knead till well
     blended. When the dough is cool, roll it out evenly on a well floured surface and cut
     into cube or roll into small balls.

3) Boil the 1 litre water, add in coconut milk, sugar, salt, pandan leaves and cook over
     low heat.

4) Pour in all the ingredients, together with the sago, tapioca jelly into coconut milk base
     and mix well. Serve hot or cold, as you like.

I like my bubur cha cha serve warm.  What about you?


  1. Hi Mel, yum yum my favorite bubur cha cha. I'm drooling at yours now. LOL I love the tapioca jelly, chewy and nice. But sometimes I replace with left over Chinese new year nian kou.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Amelia
      Oh really!! this is the first time I heard of putting the nian kou in to the Bubur Cha Cha as part of the ingredients. Ok, I try it next time when I have leftover nian kou. Thanks Amelia!

  2. This is one of my husband's favourites, Mel. We have a Filipino version of this but the balls are made of glutinous rice flour. It is always interesting how similar dishes are interpreted differently elsewhere. I'd love to have a warm bowl of that, a big one please.

    1. Hello Adora,
      This Bubur Cha Cha is all time Malaysian favourites and I am sure it is your husband's favourites too! It is true that we can change to adapted any dish or dessert to our liking this is why there are so many different types of version when we browse in the websites. Right over,One BIG Warm one for you coming up!

  3. Mel, I love bubur cha cha. I love it cold and can eat a few bowls. Hah! Hah! After that can dance the chacha!

    1. Hello Phong Hong
      You make me laugh! Ok, let's cha cha cha together! lots of laugh together!

  4. 我冷热都爱。

    1. Hi Qi Qi
      Coming right up, two bowls... hee...hee....

  5. Oh I've heard of this dessert but never eaten before. I love taros and tapioca and they are in coconut milk... that sounds awesome!

    1. Hello Nami
      This is our Malaysian favourite dessert. You can have it either serve warm or cold. The primary goodness I think is the coconut milk with added all the taro, sweet potato, sago pearls etc. For the sweetness, you can either put the normal sugar but I prefer to use the palm sugar which brings out more aroma in it.

  6. me too, the leftover taro from yam swirl mooncake, i also make bubur cha cha, but lazy to record down the recipe, hehehe..usually i add white sugar instead of palm sugar because my husband prefer white sugar..

    1. You know what Sonia, actually before I make this bubur cha cha I source in your blog to see whether you have this I blog elsewhere ...!

  7. I love all these colors. What a beautiful dessert and a wise way to use up the taros. This is my Parents favorite dessert (I didn't like it because I used to dislike coconut milk...and now adore it). I better try making some and share with my parents. :) It's perfect for cooler weather when serve hot. Wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

    1. Hello Amy,
      This dessert is our Malaysian favorite dessert. I came across some put in fresh milk instead because some have allergy or something with coconut milk. Well, all recipe can be adjusted according to each and individual taste and health priority. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  8. This is one of my favourite childhoot dessserts. Actually I'm not a fan of your usual sweet desserts like cake etc, but I have a soft spot for traditional asian ones, like tong sui and thigns like pulut hitam , and especially if they use coconut milk! This looks gorgeous with all those colours!

  9. Any new "tong sui" store I spot, I will go try their bu bu cha cha. My NO.1 favorite tong sui. I love the tapioca jelly. I love my bu bu cha cah with lots of coconut milk. YUM YUM! I wish I can taste yours. The set of bowl and plate is very pretty.