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Monday, 20 August 2012

Shrimp Ball

Now that it is school holiday and it's a long Public Holiday here, so I guess most of the food bloggers are taking a break from their normal post as I have noticed.

Instead of joining to the crowded places, I stayed at home taking a rest as I have not been feeling good recently.  Few days while shopping, there were some offer on the tiger prawns, hence I just grab some and thinking of making some snack food out of it.

Today, I have made this "Mom's Shrimp Ball".  Well, for your info, it is not my mom's recipe but it is Nami's mom.

Hop over to Nami's JustOneCookbook for this delicious Mom's Shrimp Ball recipe.
I am just being lazy to type out the recipe here.........  

I just had this for my lunch today.  


  1. Looks yummy although I am not really a fan of fried food...

    I will be home whole day too... cooking and going through school work with the kids... will post after tonight's dinner.

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! :)

  2. These just look so crispy and delicious, Mel. Love the photos.

  3. I'd love a plate of those now. They look amazing! I just looked at Nami's recipe. I'll have to try them.

  4. Mmmmpph....Very nice and crispy.

  5. That's still on my to do list...looks yummy!

  6. I would love this for my lunch! I'm getting hungry just looking at it! I need to go out and get some shrimp..

  7. Another great idea for me to prepare bento lunch! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I ate this before and love it. Wondering whether it is the same flavour as what I tasted before. KIVing. thanks for sharing. and hope you get well soon.

  9. Golden delicious...
    your post has just reminded me that I promised to make these gorgeous bites for my daughter :D

  10. Mel, thanks for making my mom's shrimp balls! You made these for lunch!? Wow... I'm usually too lazy to deep fry for lunch time (meaning I don't make food that takes time for lunch. haha!). :D So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for linking back to me!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  11. These look wonderful. I love shrimps balls but don't make them often at home because of the frying. Guess I would have to fry up a batch or two. These look really good.

  12. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for dropping by back there!!
    Love these 'Mom's Prawn Balls' They looks so yummy.
    I will go over to Nami's and have a look.
    Thanks so much for sharing..^^

  13. Thanks for your earlier visit, Mel. I've eyed on this recipe for a long time but haven't taken action because right now, I try to avoid deep-fried & spicy food for health reasons. I can see that these shrimp balls are very crunchy!

    Invite you to visit my blog and leave comments of yourselves