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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕

Ah....... dessert again!  Whenever I watch ancient Chinese series, this dessert seems to be served out to the emperor or shown and eaten by the high class people only.  So I thought what is so special about this Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕 ?    And out of curiosity and the taste of it, I try it out.

The Osmanthus Flower does bring out the fragrant to this jelly.   But unfortunate, I think I didn't cook it till it thicken up and the overall still wobbly!  A little disappointment. 

Osmanthus Flower

115gm chestnut powder
250ml water
120gm sugar
500ml water
1 Tbsp osmanthus
2 waterchestnut (cut into fine small cubes)

1. Mix water chestnut powder with water until no lumps are seen.
2. Bring 500ml water and sugar to a boil. Turn off the heat and put in osmanthus flowers to infuse for 2
3. Pour osmanthus infusion into (1). Return flour mixture to saucepan/pot and cook until it thickens.
4. Pour into a lightly oiled 7 inch pan. Steam over high heat for 10 minutes and medium heat for another 10
5. Cool down totally before slicing.


  1. Eh, this cake is wobbly, left and right it'll bend. But firm enough to hold, which is why I cut it into fat cubes for better handling

  2. Whr can I buy the osmanthus flower? Chinese medical halls?

    1. Hi Sherry
      Yes you can get at chinese medical halls.

    2. Thank you Mel :)